A spoonful of life

I stop holding tight to the things, I don`t need,
take part of the swinging vibrations and feed
my mind with the all one secret around,
the melody played from an air full of sound.

Feel the sun and the rain, feel the laughter and tears,
welcome my dreams, welcome my fears.

Won`t run anymore and try to forget,
take a memoryshower like rain and get wet.

And the rain, it is whispering, singing a song,
it leads me to places I like to belong.

The whispering wind caresses the leaves,
seduces my senses, it takes me and gives
my soul to the night, to the stars and the moon,
to stones and creatures, so I take a spoon.

A spoonful of love and a spoonful of fear,
a spoonful of looking, a spoonful of hear.

So, all this together is me and is you
and if we just want it, we`re able to do
this mystery journey that life is at all
this flight in the time when we`re rising and fall.

I open my eyes and I open my heart,
no matter what comes, I take my part
in eternal movement in silence of sounds,
with my head in the sky and my feet on the grounds.

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