Child of the blue sun

I open my arms, let the energy flow,
I’m stretching my back
and my calm eyes, they glow.
So, now
I’m going forwards,
without regret.
My pace is even,
take step after step.

Because now
I let go,
let you out of my heart,
I make my heart free,
now I take a new start.

I’d like, to give it as a gift to the sun,
let it fly like a dragon,
hope, that it will have fun.

And I stand at the ground, hold the cord in my hand,
my gaze follows the dragon, my feet are stuck in the sand.

Then the dragon, my heart, is touching the sun,
it burns in bright flames like my love had begun.

And exploding in rings, it ignites the cord.
Flames run down to my hands they turn into a sword.

In that moment, I take down the sword to my chest,
it turns into blue fire and I know that the rest
of my life will be different, I have changed, I am new
and only the blue sun will judge what I do.

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