Spell from a shape

The new day begins in the time of my dreams,
do not open my eyes, want to hold like it seems.
Stay in dreamtime instead,
my body woke up.
Know, that I have to leave, but I dont want to stop.

Then, I get up and start, thinking, what shall I do,
to make peace with myself and to get over you.

Inside, there is a feeling, as if I would know,
it takes part of my day and it leads me to go.

To go back to the dreamtime, the whispering show,
filled with future and past in the mystery flow.

Then, the shape comes to me, feel again, what I´ve seen
in the magical cave with eternity green.

On that beautiful rock, where my ancient friend lives,
under flickering stars and the nightwind, that gives
me a ticket to break this strong chains of my time
and to take a new walk outside the line.

I remember and find me inside of that cave,
the air, it is green, I feel weightless and safe.
At my feet, you are lying on water, like dead,
but I know, youre so heavy because youre so sad.
Youre the shape of the sadness, so motionless calm,
I am guest in your home, I wont do you no harm.

So, you stand up and leave the green water for me,
and we sit there together,
knee beside knee.

You, the shape in green skin, I, the women beside,
we are sitting together in dewy green light.
You`re the shape of all sadness and I feel so glad,
that I want you to be no longer sad.

So, I send this warm feeling straight inside youre eyes,
like a river it flows and the light it can rise.

Rise up to your face
and lighten your gaze.

And as your eyes glow,
the air starts to flow.

Turnes to swimming warm colours
so bright and so well.

But I have to leave you,
you give me a spell.

And what I once tould you, you tell it to me
and I know, it is right and I´m able to see,
that all will be one, will be part and get all
and nobodys soul will for everytime fall.

And now, that I know, I`ve found you again,
I`m sure, I dont need to get over a man.

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