Lisa Haferbecker


The year will be over soon
another one without you
every night i look at the moon
and hope that this is not true

but it’s not just an illusion
you are forever gone
and i will never find a conclusion
of what i did wrong

your death left empty spaces
that i’m trying to fill now
nothing stuffes these places
but i need a solution somehow

but i can’t live another year
with all these thoughts in my head
telling me theres no cheer
or anything that’s not bad

but i’m pretty sure
that if you would be here
you would be my cure
for everything i call „fear“

I will always cry tears
knowing I miss you still
and even if it’s been years
i know that i always will

you had to leave
before you could be proud of me
just know that i’ll always believe
for all the problems, you are key

now i’m here alone
without you i don’t feel good
you are more than just my comfort zone
for being happy you were all it took

the new year comes next
but you’re gone and won’t come back
so i’m here writing a text
cause everything seems to stay black

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