Lara Annemie Busch

My Life

Everybody says that I’m ugly
Everybody says that I’m a mess
They push me down, leave me there
They take my air, I cant’t breath
I’m drowning, I’m fading
I try to smile but I don’t remember how
I try too many times but it was never enough

Everybody says that I’m stupid
Everybody says that I’m a looser
They take my happiness, just sadness left
They take my free will, left me broken
I’m sobbing, I’m crying
I try to fight but why even try
I try and try and try but it never counts

Everybody says that I’m a fool
Everybody says that I’m not worth it
They take my whole personality, left a shell of what I’ve been
They take my will to live, just shadows left
I’m tired, I’m giving up
I try to scream but no words, no voice came out
I try to recover but I can’t

Oh when, oh when will I live my life again?

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