Eva Verena Müller

Night and Day

You can see me shining bright
In the glorie of the night
But when the sun begins to rise
I can’t stay here in the light..

Oh my dear, you remember the time?
When we both were in the light..
Standing happy side by side

Cause my heart is yours, our souls are together,
Sweetheart, we thought could stand there forever

But now I can’t come to see you once more
Just could reach you tonight here on shore

Cause in the sunlight I would burn
And once at night, you couldn’t return

And in this world full of hate
You would only lose your faith

But in our world of fantasy
It is just about to believe.
Hope there one day we will meet
So will be ending our grief..

But I can’t tell you to hold on,
Into a world you do not belong..

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