Adna Demiri

One leaves of hurt, other leaves because they are hurt

Today nothing’s is gonna rhyme in the poem, cause i wanna try to Show em.

Yes, I did love you and I did care about you, everything you made inspired me and was bringing me joy while both of us were completley leading us in the unknown.
When everything we knew was: We care for another, you thought that I keep writing interesting skills and just offer kindness to everyone and Me thinking: I want to give you my all.

Even if love was measured differently in the deep inner of both of us for another I do believe, when we knew too less, we would’ve done the same, just not in the same amount.

When we knew too much, both of left in uncomfort every eyecontact felt now like a stab then admiration, every smile felt forced then enjoying company, when conversations were boiling up before but know it has soaked in, every glance was a serious look then a desire to pay attention, language was no more going fluent filled with cammederine, but just brief answeres annoyed and rude, Company is now no option but avoidance and ignorance.

The one because it hurts them, the other because they are their hurt.

My Annoyance and ignorance and being brief and rude indeed gave you the impression that i was already living past it now, which got me let you see your hands going down her waist you never letted going, the doors you open her you never opened, the engagement you give you never gave, the openess you are free to encounter you never encountered, the comfort you feel you never felt, the freedom you live you never lived.

While I stand there and observe.
And even in every seconds, minute, hours my eyes have looked away, every month and year my feeling will leave me gut.

Thoughts like:,,Won’t be „just friends“ the answer“, were crossed out of my mind because every uncomfort you felt i never wanted to let you feel, and every unenjoyment you experienced i never wanted you go experience, and every thoughtfulness you were while interacting with me i never wanted you to interact that why, now, every comfort you feel (because of me) I never wanted you to have felt, and every unenjoyment you experienced (because of me) i never wanted you to have experienced, and every thoughtfullness you are while interacting *because of me*, i never wanted you to interact you that way.

Let’s go ahead to be strangers one day.

Copyright © Adna Demiri | Year Posted 2024

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