Behind You Anonyme

1, 2

One crazy world, how the time flew,
I wonder why my head is like that too.
Don’t count to three, I’m not ready yet!
I know this is something I’m going to regret.
1, 2
Ready, set
When did my eyes get soaked wet?
1, 2
Ready, set
Let’s go to where i once fled.
Where i hold my memorys all kept,
to everything i once had.
1, 2
Ready, set
I’m not ready yet.
Stop the timer,
my head is getting lighter!
I’m Just not much of a fighter.
I know i should see it brighter.
It’s just not easy,
I’m way to dizzy.
Bye Head.
Hello unconsciousness.
Tell more about my internal apocalypse.
I feel how my body slips,
with the pain as it the ground hits.
Don’t care enough for all that shit,
I feel like I’m just a hypocrite.
All unnecessary, isn’t it?
Isn’t it?

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