Eva Verena Müller

She left

She left me in the year we met
All that she said was she wouldn’t regret
She told me her feelings just were gone
So if it’s nothing and I should be strong..

But my heart will be yours, my dear it’s forever..
My soul can’t find peace now, and I mean never.
Cause all that I know is you were my life..
Already asked you to be my wife.
My trust in love now fades away
All that I wished for day by day..

Now there is nothing to hold on
Sorry my dear, but I can’t be strong.
A life without you
is nothing to me!
So please tell me
how should I be?
But she can’t listen, so far away..
Just me by myself, I fade to grey..

And lying there with broken heart
Came over me dear,
the Dark Lord..
Oh Lord take my soul,
and set me free!
Of love! And hate!
.. and poetry.. 🥀

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