Behind You Anonyme


Swimming in circles,
And feeling the wind.
Dance with miricles,
Plus a loving hint.
Spreeded wings,
With attention like an lynx.
A pumping heart,
This was only the start.
Small jealousy,
Still bigger phantasy.
Shaking breath,
By the voices death.
As they left,
A swan missed
A lifting up kiss.
A carring hug,
A shared mug,
A beautiful face,
A loved race
They were gone,
But i did not win.
Every single yawn,
Told about the pain i’m in.
So i say bye,
Cuz‘ there is nothing to live.
I just question a lie,
Who you are with.
Now i’m stuck,
Like my loss.
I wanna scream „FUCK“
The pain grew like moss.
I died.
I cried.
I cough.
I love.
I once was lost

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