sascha kant


i‘ve got so much to do
and so little time

and you do you
but i wish you were mine

what do i do
when i see you doing fine
and i‘m stuck

still defined by your attention
god help me
what is your intention

i like to think it’s just miscommunication

and my mind tells me youre just too proud
and youre a mess, who can‘t confess

but lets be honest
we could never end up together
because you let her
blur our honesty

you let her ruin
what we could have had

but its not gone
its in my dreams
its in my head
it is a thread

cause i can‘t see
whats in your dreams
whats in your head
if its a thread

i still interpret all you say
even the way you call my name
i‘m so ashamed

i dream about
you asking
for my fucking homework

but I can‘t help to think everthing you do
and the pain you put me through
the issues we face
and the mistakes we made
it‘ just our fate

we will be alright
but what if we don‘t


it is like we counted down
but nothing happended at zero

you miss opportunities
we act like strangers

and i‘m not brave enough
to change that

but i loose sleep
because what if i miss my future
with you

but what if you would choose her
and i will always be
the fucking delusional lonley girl
that i‘ve always been

i‘m just so fucking scared of be nothing
but delusional to you

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